Burpees Workouts Matter - Amazing Burpee Exercise Feats!

Burpees Workouts Matter - Amazing Burpee Exercise Feats! Burpee Bod

We found ourselves in the midst of a perfect storm - a confluence of cataclysmic calamities, culminating in a year summed up with three simple words: "Last Year Sucked." But in the eye of the storm, we turned our focus away from the tumultuous trauma and turmoil that surrounds us to come together and achieve the best version of ourselves. 

Yes, Burpees matter. Now, more than ever. 

We've compiled a short list of some of the amazing accomplishments from last year - featuring the beloved Burpee, to remind us again that humans are indeed awesome: 

Mom breaks world record. Helps save babies.
In January, 37-year-old mom of two, Gena Laielli, broke the women’s burpee world record by performing 5,332 burpees within 12-hours. The co-owner of Genfitness in Somers Point, New Jersey, raised money for Pancreatic Cancer and Omphalocele awareness. Gena's daughter, Emma, was born with an Omphalocele.

"We do not use machines because I believe your body is one." 

10 million Burpees in 10 days.
This year Freeletics challenged its users to complete 10 million Burpees in 10 days: from June 10 to June 20. Can you guess how many Free Athletes responded to the call and powered through those Burpees? 

Burpees for Mental Health
Personal trainer, guest speaker and author, Kay Nyenuh, owner of Muscle Garden Health & Fitness Centre in Australia, challenged local business owners and CEO's to join him in performing 100 burpees a day over 10 days in May. Nominees had the option of 100 burpees in one day or 10 burpees per day for 10 days. 

Can Burpees help combat the greatest threat to Global Human Health?

Seven days. Seven Workouts. Seven Minutes of Burpees.
United in Movements created an online fitness challenge earlier this year and raised $400,000 for those affected by COVID-19. Over 13,000 participants of all skill levels performed one workout each day, for 7 days to support small business, gym owners, and humanitarian efforts. The initial workout included everyone's favorite CrossFit Games Open wod: seven minutes of burpees

Brit performs 10,000 Burpees in under 24 hours. Helps defeat COVID
5-time CrossFit Games Regionals athlete Mitchell Adams, challenged himself to perform 10,000 burpees in 24 hours. Raising over £10,000 to benefit the NHS Charities, the owner of CrossFit Wolverhampton completed this awesome feat in just under 22 hours on May 3rd. When asked why Burpees:

"Everyone can relate to how hard they are." 

Ukrainian born and raised Designer, Taras Lesko repeated his own "every bid counts" Give Burpee Challenge in February. Along with Microsoft's dollar for dollar match program, Visualspicer's auction item raised a total of $2,800 in charitable giving. 

Burpees go with Beer
Over 80 gyms  from the Charlotte Fitness Community partner together to workout, drink beer and raise money for special needs kids. This years 10th Annual Beers and Burpees Charity Event happens on September 19, 2020 and will be held in Charlotte, NC. 

How many Burpees to burn calories from a beer?

123rd Royal Burpee Challenge
Every year since 2013, CrossFit Advanced has asked their followers to perform one burpee, this year starting on Feb. 3rd, adding one a day until the challenge ends on June 4th in celebration of the birthday of Royal H. Burpee. 2020's total was 123 Burpees! 

Even dogs love burpees!  Meet:@teslatheminiaussie


Burpees don't care where you're from. They don't care if you're young or old, black or white, male or female. If you're an elite athlete, a mom raising her child, or someone new to fitness. They don't care what your workout routine is, if you do them alone or in a group. They don't even care if you're human. And like 2020, sometimes burpees suck. 

But sometimes, Burpees Matter.

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"Last Year Sucked." But in the eye of the storm, let's turn our focus away from the tumultuous trauma and turmoil that surrounds us to come together and achieve the best version of ourselves. So, we compiled a short list of some of the amazing accomplishments from last year - featuring the beloved Burpee, to remind us again that humans are indeed awesome.

Yes, Burpees matter. Now, more than ever...

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