About Me

Burpee Bod started out from my pure love of everything about Burpees!

About Us - Dan and Rick post Murph wod

Who am I kidding? No one loves Burpees. But everyone loves working out, hanging out, and sharing their journey in this great big wonderful community! What we don't love is how our bods had changed over the years - especially if you're like me - from sitting behind a desk for multiple hours at a time. 

And I particularly don't love boring colors and cliche t-shirt designs. That's why I launched Burpee Bod!

After spending years in the Web design world (yes, in cubicles), I embraced the diet and exercise gambit when CrossFit first burst onto the scene. Now, I've ditched the corporate world and have embarked on a mission of spreading the love of Burpees to Bods all over the world via these fun Tees for the WOD!

Dan, Holly, Tyler and Kendall - Before Crossfit, Keto and Grandkids

But I need your help! Like you, we're each carving out our little slice. Let's share our journeys with each other. Let's connect in the gym. At the competitions. On social media. Or just hanging out. Let's make the world a much smaller, and more colorful place.

Dan, Shadow and Remi, hard at work.

So, let it be known that Burpees Suck, and some of us know them as "Bastards". And even though we've all been No-Repped, we still Love Lifting. Especially the Dead Lift. And we'll Squat and Snatch like everyone's watching. And while some days we have Muscle Ups. Other days it's Game Over.

But in the end, we know Murph and Fran are part of our family. And even though we're Working as Designed, we realize that Death can come from WallBalls. But Death comes mostly, from Burpees!

Dan, Working as Designed

And these are only some of the reasons, why we love everything about them.

- Dan

Burpees available upon request.

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