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Burpee Blog

Today's Burpees workouts barely resemble the original Burpee created in 1939. Notice anything missing? Not a word about pushups or chest and thighs to the floor. No squats. No jumping. No clapping of the hands.

So, what are the proper movements in today's style of burpee? We explain it with these simple to understand, yet challenging when combined together movements...

"Last Year Sucked." But in the eye of the storm, let's turn our focus away from the tumultuous trauma and turmoil that surrounds us to come together and achieve the best version of ourselves. So, we compiled a short list of some of the amazing accomplishments from last year - featuring the beloved Burpee, to remind us again that humans are indeed awesome.

Yes, Burpees matter. Now, more than ever...

The war is here, and has been on for some time: an overfat pandemic of chronic inflammation and insulin resistance. Likely, the greatest threat to global human health

Of the co-morbidities that are supported by meta-analysis/systematic review, Obesity poses a significant association with risk of severe COVID-19 illness. A virus that has taken fat-shaming to it's ultimate level...

The ultimate Tug-Of-War is upon us. Social Distancing may be working, but a growing number of Social Distance Warriors are taking a shall not comply stance against stay-at-home directives and vaccine mandates.

Our Social Distance Index tool allows you to compare your current social distance measures against those in your county, state and even nationwide, with data from researchers at the University of Maryland...

The outbreak of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic led to an outbreak of Social Distance Warriors sheltering - and working out - in the same place. How does your home-gym equipment stack up? Here are 19 tips to ensure your home gym is well-established...

2020 convinced us that having a compromised immune system is a risk we should all avoid. But what steps can be taken to actively boost your immune system? Here's a sampling of things we do on a daily basis.

Can doggy kisses and nose snuggles protect you against infectious diseases? Is an ebike ride in your future? Are ketones the fuel in your immune system to fight flu infection? And just how long does it take to get into ketosis?

Find answers to these questions and more...

How BMI is calculated is nothing more than mathematical snake oil disguised as some magical formula. Even the good Dr. Jekyll could easily expose its duality.

Our BMI Calculator Tool compares Your Results, designed specifically for CrossFit athletes to unleash your Beast mode! It's those 2 extra data points that make all the difference... :)

How many CrossFit teams have an awesome team name - scientifically engineered specific to their team chemistry with really cool shirts featuring that team name?

Generate the perfect team name for your next CrossFit Competition using our tool...!

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