Burpee Calories Calculator: Food Calories per Burpee

Burpee Calories Calculator: Food Calories per Burpee Burpee Bod


We've all done more than we can count. That congenial two-syllable word we pretend to hate, but can't deny loving the results.  So we show up - maybe not every day. With bruises. And calluses.

And attitude.

Why Burpees matter. Now, more than ever.

But we can't forget it's hard work - bodies on the floor remind us. And while we're finding the best version of ourselves, we keep asking ourselves, (or our coach): "how many of these little b******s do we have to do?"

So, why do we do them?

Can Burpees help combat the greatest threat to Global Human Health?

Do we really love them that much? Or, is it because we eat too much of the wrong food?

We don't have that answer, but we do have the answer to the question: How many calories do Burpees burn?

Our unique tool is designed to help you calculate how to undo over-indulging in your favorite food. This fun Burpees Calories Burned Calculator calculates your favorite food calories compared to your burpee pace and fitness.

You may know your BMI, but do you know Our BMI?

Try it out. But be prepared to count some more.

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